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Watering New Sod & Caring For New Sod Tips

The most important thing for your new lawn is water.

With that in mind, below are some easy to follow tips when it comes to caring for and watering new sod.

Laying sod grass sign

1. Preventative care

  • Do not walk/play/use your new lawn: Limit traffic as much as possible on your new lawn for the first 2-3 weeks as this allows for better root establishment.
  • Watch out for heat reflection: Heat reflecting off buildings and sidewalks will dry out your new lawn. Make sure you spend extra time on areas next to them when watering new sod.

Watering new sod

2. Watering new sod

Day 1

  • Approximately 15 minutes after your sod is laid down, you’ll want to water it thoroughly. Do not flood your new sod with water. All you want to do is keep it moist.

First and second week

  • Watering new sod should be done every other day for approximately 15-20 minutes. It’s best to do it in the early morning and late afternoon.

Third week

  • You can start going two days between watering new sod sessions. This gives the soil time to dry out a bit. When it does, you’ll be able to walk on it.

3. Mowing your lawn

First cut

Your lawn can be cut 6-7 days after installation:

  • For plant health, only remove 1/3 of the leaf.
  • For optimum plant health cut your lawn at 3 ½ inches.

It’s also a smart idea to leave grass clippings on your lawn, as they’re a good source of natural nitrogen. However, remove and rake away any clumps scattered across your grass (which is possible given how much watering new sod you’ve done).

Alternate mowing directions

Alternate the direction in which you cut your lawn. One week back-and-forth and one week side-to-side.

This will help create very even growth across your sod.

4. Fertilization

Given all the watering new sod and other care  you’ve given your lawn, it does not require any fertilizer.

It is best to let the new lawn set roots and establish slowly instead of fertilizing and forcing new growth.

When to fertilize

  • End of August/Start of September: Apply a balanced fertilizer, 7-7-7, to encourage some growth.
  • Springtime: Poceed with a regular fertilizer program.

5. Weed control

It is very important to stay on top of weed control in the turf. Whether mechanically or chemically, weeds should be removed.

At this point your lawn is completely weed free and if you stay on top of it now you can avoid a larger problem in the future.

New sod

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