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Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care for the Best Results

Our 25 years of experience have led us to believe that the best landscape management solutions support the long term health of the total system: plant, soil, air and water. For example, your lawn will be healthier when fertilizers and maintenance techniques target the soil structure, allowing water, air and nutrients to encourage root growth. That supports better growth above ground. Your grass will be greener, with fewer pest and disease problems.

Environmentally friendly landscaping

Organic weed spraying by Mountview Landscaping Industrial processed fertilizers for your lawn are typically designed to produce quick bursts of green, but do little to support growth in the long term. They have to be applied again and again. In addition, runoff of excess nutrients is harmful to natural water systems. Organic fertilizers, including compost and by products from agricultural practices, release nutrients slowly and improve the structure of the soil. They support the natural growth habits of plants. Your lawn will be greener and more durable.

Easier maintenance, greener lawns

Our goal is to make the management of your property easier. Organic lawn care means less maintenance over time. There will be less time spent on fertilizer application and pest and disease control. We would rather make your landscape more self sufficient with fewer hours spent on short term solutions that only mean more work later.

Dependable, commercial lawn maintenance

We are the experienced, reliable source for environmentally friendly landscaping and organic lawn care in Brantford and the surrounding region. Let us show you the results of our ecological approach to turf maintenance. Your job will be easier and condominium residents will be happier knowing there are no toxic chemicals used on the lawns around their homes. Contact us today and request a quote for our commercial lawn service.

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