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Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care for Healthier Turf

residential garden landscaping with organic lawn We believe that products and materials designed to make the plants in your yard grow should not cause harm in other parts of the local ecosystem. Our organic lawn care is based on that idea. We work to improve the quality of your soil, which, in turn, improves the long term growth and health of your lawn. When soil, nutrients, water, air and a living lawn all work together as a system, there is little need for industrial processed fertilizers and toxic herbicides or pesticides.

Green products for a green lawn

Organic fertilizers including compost and byproducts from agricultural practices build a healthier soil system. Their structure helps to retain moisture and provide air space, making roots happier. Nutrients are released slowly at a rate that supports healthy foliage growth. When the overall turf system is healthy, there is less chance of pest and disease problems. Unlike many commercial fertilizers, organics do not cause runoff of excess nutrients that is harmful to local streams and ponds.

Simplified lawn maintenance

All this means your lawn is more self sufficient. When soil has enough organic matter, less watering and less frequent fertilizing is needed. Your grass will still have to be cut, but leave those clippings on the lawn; they break down quickly and are good for the soil. If you like, we can include mowing and seasonal lawn maintenance as part of a landscape care program for your yard. It’s all part of making your life easier so you have time to enjoy your outdoor space more.

The reliable lawn and landscape company

Every site and every client is different. Even for lawn care, we start with a soil test and base our efforts on the conditions in your yard. We work to provide the service that you – and your landscape – need. Our personal approach produces better results and happier homeowners. Contact us for a quote to find out how our organic lawn care makes your yard – and the local environment – greener.

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